Creature Consultancy Services

Prices are standard rates and meant as an indication, not a fixed price. Final prices to be agreed between parties during initial contact and negotiations. All prices exclude taxes, transaction fees, travel expenses, accommodation and other associated costs of service. Special prices available to qualifying public education organizations and small independent studios, please get in touch if this is applicable to you. All services are available both on-site and remotely.

Creature Consultation | €75 per hour 

Consultancy of creature based projects in pre-production or already underway. Consultancy can range from visual design, fictional zoology, gameplay design, art direction, IP development and beyond. It is recommended to combine Creature Consultation services with Art Creation services. Student portfolio reviews also available under this service and can include optional live draw-overs of work.

Art Creation | €400 per half day

Creature design services including but not limited to: blue sky concept sketching, anatomy development, visual development art creation, turn sheet creation, behavior/attack animation development, 2D animation and pixel art creation and more. See for examples of artwork.

Lecture: The Weird Science of Creature Design | 600

Creature design is a weird science and YOU are the mad professor! Designing unholy abominations may be fun, but it is also hard work. There is method to the madness. Creature designers combine knowledge of real world animals and fantastic ideas with clear and communicative sketching. In this lecture, Molly Heady-Carroll will take you through the entire gruesome process of designing creatures. Her methods may be unconventional, but her creations might just be crazy enough to work. It's alive… IT'S ALIVE! 

1 hour lecture, includes 20 minutes for questions. Recommended for studios and students wanting to familiarize themselves with the principles of creature design.

Lecture: Creature Design for IP Development | €600

Head Crabs and Xenomorphs and Creepers, oh my! While some creatures are just forgettable cannon fodder to the player, others are key pillars to the appeal and success of an IP. Using examples from media and her career, Molly Heady-Carroll will take you through her methods of designing memorable creatures designed for purpose and how they can maximize the potential of your IP.

1 hour lecture, includes 20 minutes for questions. Recommended for studios and students developing original creature based IP and already familiar with the principles of creature design.

5 Week Creature Design Course | Contact for price information

5 lessons, each 2 hours in length, in which students designs full creature and its life stages to fulfil a fictional client brief. Lectures cover the principles of creature design, real-world biology and draw-over feedback over homework. Highly recommended for schools and student groups.

Please get in touch at for all your creature needs!


" Molly visited 3D Realms / Slipgate Ironworks HQ in Aalborg, Denmark where she presented her seminar on Creature Design to our team. We were all very impressed and gained a plethora of knowledge that has already begun to influence and improve our artistic processes, design culture, and morale. In addition, Molly escorted a team of our designers to the Aalborg Zoo in order to demonstrate the principals of live creature drawing and real-world animal motion mechanics in relation to animation. I highly recommend attending her lecture or bringing her to your studio/talk whenever you can. 5/5 *s! "

- Tyler Brannan, Brand Manager at 3D Realms

" Molly did a fantastic job working on both concepts & pixel art for Tangledeep! She created an array of fun and unique designs while still staying consistent to our established art style and tone. It was a great experience working with her and I look forward to doing so again. "

- Andrew Aversa, Founder of Impact Gameworks

" Molly is such a fantastic creator and educator and has a real flair for championing the values and pillars of thoughtful creature design! We invited Molly to speak to our small startup team working on developing new IP which contains creature based elements, and her talk was a huge success with the team! Molly's extensive background and obvious lifelong passion for creatures and zoology and ecology really shine in her talk on creature design fundamentals, and it really challenged our team to consider the our own intentionality with what we are creating. If anyone is considering having Molly on to speak to their teams on this subject I can't recommend Molly enough!!!" 

- Dave Gomes, Glindalohki Studios

" For our project Wyvern Tales 2 for the Atari Jaguar, we need a collection of specific monster designs that are rooted in lore and environments. On top of that the designs that we need are very strict in size and colors due to the hardware limitations in which we develop our game. Working with Molly, she quickly grasps the essence of the requirements and limitations, and keeps delivering fresh designs and ideas. We are very happy with her work and are excited to show the results in our final product! "

- Jasper van Turnhout, Independent Developer

" It was a pleasure to have Molly Heady-Carroll as a speaker at THU Career Camp, our online event that empowers the careers of digital entertainment industry professionals all around the globe. During her talks,  "The Weird Science of Creature Design" and "Creature Design for IP Development", she inspired participants to delve into the worlds of creature design and shared precious insights to help them create great fictional animals. Thank you for being a part of Career Camp and for joining our mission of making education and opportunities more accessible. "

- André Luís, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Co-founder and CEO