Captain Whalesworth Portrait

This illustration is in preparation for the creation of an illustrated book. His name is Captain Whalesworth.

I started by sketching with blue and graphite pencil. I redrew the illustration a couple of times with a light box until I felt it was ready. I photocopied this illustration a few times and worked the copy with markers. It took a couple of tries to get to this final piece because I wanted to get the colours just right but had to get used to the range the markers can achieve.

I recently learned that I’ve been working to fast with my markers, which gives it a rushed, streaky look. I also learned about how to layer markers correctly and some interesting methods for mixing colours. I learned to create a chart with all my coloured markers as an overview guide for mixing colours. I also applied a Gamut Mask to the palette, which is how I settled on the purple background colour. Basically, I’m learning how to approach things methodically and do things the right way!

Molly heady carroll whalesworth05
Molly heady carroll 20170325 203350 animation

GIF of colouring process

Molly heady carroll whalesworth03

photocopy of lineart

Molly heady carroll whalesworth02

blue/graphite pencil lineart

Molly heady carroll whalesworth01

blue pencil sketch

Molly heady carroll markerchart

marker guide

Molly heady carroll the gamut mask free interactive color harmony tool for painters

gamut mask for creating pallette